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Understand Unfair Dismissal

Quite often, people are not aware of all the rights and entitlements which surround unfair dismissals.  Whether you are an employer or an employee it is beneficial to understand what is relevant to your case. No two cases are the same and one solution does not fit all. At Specialist HR we can maximise your advantage by providing you with the correct advice. Specialist HR is a team of industry experts and we will ensure you feel confident in your representation.

Understand our approach

To begin, a claim must be lodged to the Fair Work Commission (FWC), within 21 days of your dismissal. Specialist HR follows a 5 step process that ensures you will be heard and are represented by the right professional. As soon as we receive a call from you we will :

1. Assess Your Case

The process begins once you make the call/email to Specialist HR. Our first step involves listening to your concern. Our industry experience enables us to ask all the right questions in order to accurately assess the situation.

2. Offer Professional Advice

Once an accurate assessment has been made the consultants at Specialist HR will offer you their professional opinion. Based on your situation, the consultants will navigate you through the process and let you know how you can achieve the best outcome.

3. Create your winning appeal

The team at Specialist HR will construct your winning appeal. You will receive the benefits of professional HR consultants as well as employment specialists working towards your success.

4. Lodge Your Unfair Dismissal Application

Your winning appeal is now complete and it is ready for submission. Your claim will be submitted to the Fair Work Commission before the deadline.

5. Represent You During Conciliation

Specialist HR will expertly represent you during the conciliation. Specialist HR will keep you updated throughout your unfair dismissal process. Guide you through the policy and procedures of an unfair dismissal.

Understand the process

What is a valid claim?

Whilst every situation is different, the Fair Work Commission (FWC) will assess your claim against criteria. The FWC will consider the harshness of the dismissal, and if it was unjust or unreasonable on any grounds.

The criteria for unfair dismissal claims are as listed:

  • Was there a valid reason for the dismissal related to your capacity or conduct?
  • Were you notified of that reason?
  • Where you given an opportunity to respond to any reason related to your capacity or conduct?
  • Where you refused by your employer, access to a support person to assist with the details of your dismissal?
  • If the dismissal was related to your unsatisfactory performance – Where you warned about that unsatisfactory performance before the dismissal?
  • Where you made aware of the company’s dismissal procedures and policy?
  • Any other matters that the Fair Work Commission considers relevant will be considered in your application.

Understand the value

We offer our clients a no win – no fee arrangement which means,” if we don’t win, you don’t pay!”

We can also offer our clients a fixed fee arrangement.

Our personalised approach ensures our clients receive the greatest possible value.

Specialists HR are the experts and provide the most effective representation for our clients. Specialist HR offices are located throughout Australia and New Zealand. Get the ball rolling today with a free phone consultation! Contact Specialist HR on (02) 9191 7363.

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