HR Manuals provided by Specialist HR are strictly in compliance with Fair Work Act 2009 and National Employment Standards.

What are the benefits of having a HR Manual on site?

  • Have on-hand, accessible and up to date information regarding your business and HR
  • Easy to reference
  • Save time and money
  • Neatly compiled collection of relevant documentation
  • Provides key information to employees and managers
  • Available as a hard copy or online
  • Take initiative in your businesses/teams success
  • Increase efficiency and organisation
  • Confidence in making informed decisions
  • Build your personal knowledge and strengths
  • Reinforce your work ethic, business values and company culture
  • Grant your business and employees a competitive advantage

What’s included in the HR Manuals?

Specialist HR designed HR Manuals as a response to our clients’ needs. The HR Manual is designed to provide you with the tools and confidence necessary for successful business management. Our consultants personalise a specific HR Manual to suit your business and management needs. This is great because instead of sorting through a wealth of information, you already have only what is relevant to you. Not only will you save time but you will increase your business potential, therefore increasing profit.

A Specialist HR Manual can range from 100 – 200 pages depending on what you request,1and what your business needs. Below is an idea of what you will find in a HR Manual –

  • Best Practice HR Policies
  • Safety focused Policies and Procedures
  • Various business templates
  • Procedural Flows
  • Warning Letters
  • Dismissal Letters
  • Contracts Of Employment
  • Safe Operating Procedures

The physical design of the HR Manual includes your business name and any other company values or statements you wish to include. You also have the choice during the consultation to add or remove policies which may not be necessary or relevant to your business. Based on our expertise and your business requirements you will receive the highest quality, personally modified HR Manual. If you want to take initiative in your businesses as well as personal success, then a HR Manual is a step in the right direction.

Call/email Specialist HR your business goals, requirements or concerns and a consultant will happily discuss your enquiries further.

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