HR Assist is an ongoing support service available to our clients.

Imagine having your own specialist on call to provide your business with solutions at your request. HR Assist is an on call consultation service which ensures that the solution is no further than a phone call. HR Assist was created to service the needs of our clients from small to medium sized businesses.  HR Assist will act as your own personal Human Resource Department, providing all the benefits at a great value.

Businesses that register to HR Assist are granted access to Specialist HR professional consultants, via phone and email. The benefits of entering into partnership with Specialist HR are vital to the success of your business. Clients are encouraged to make use of HR Assist, to receive ongoing professional advice and expert services upon demand. By taking the correct precautions through HR Assist, your business could prevent disputes and claims from developing and progressing. However, in the event that a claim is made, your company is insured by a $5 million liability.

Specialist HR created four levels of service depending on how much support you require. Speak with a consultant today to receive advice on which HR ASSIST program is most beneficial to your business.

Better your business with a HR ASSIST Membership

  • Bronze
    • Phone Support
    • Email Support
  • Silver
    • Phone Support
    • Email Support
    • 3 hours face to face with a HR consultant per month
  • Custom
    • Personalised level of phone
    • Personalised level of E-mail
    • Face to face support per month

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Businesses that are seeking HR support are strongly encouraged to partner with us through our HR ASSIST service. By doing so, our team can remove the need for hiring overheads. HR ASSIST is a convenient, flexible and professional resource which you can take advantage of. Email or call us directly to discuss suitable membership options.

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